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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Claire v Weniger boat competition results

The Claire v Weniger boat competition was fished on Sunday 8th April. It was quite a good turn-out comprising 5 boats, 10 anglers with skate, dogfish and whiting being caught.

Results as follows;

1st – T. Morris, 17 fish for 15.16lbs
2nd – M. Pritchard, 11 fish for 13.86lbs
3rd – B. Morris, 11 fish for 12.90lbs
4th – P. Atley, 8 fish for 10.82lbs
5th – P. Thornton, 5 fish for 5.42lbs
6th – C. Zacharia, 2 fish for 2.98lbs
7th – K. Groves, 1 fish for 0 .40lbs
8th – M. Morris, 1 fish for 0.38lbs
9th – K. Morris, 0 Fish sizeable
9th – D. Perry, 0 Fish sizeable

M. Pritchard had the heaviest fish with a skate of 7.50lbs

M. Morris and C. Zacharia started an hour and a half behind the others due to engine trouble from the off but got going in the end!