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Monday, 29 October 2012

3 day Boat Festival 2012 results

Near gale force Northerly winds on Saturday 27th October meant the Heron Angling Society had to call off the first day of the three day annual boat festival but thankfully the weather relented for the Sunday and Monday and the competition went ahead.
With 12 anglers fishing from 6 boats in all, bags were made up of mainly whiting although not the numbers usually associated with this festival of previous years. Other catches included dogfish and dabs with a couple of pouting showing on Monday too. The highlight of the festival was a 5.34lbs codling caught by S. Mummery fishing at the Woolpack on Sunday but larger cod and skate eluded us all.
Full results for both days and class winners (by elimination) as follows;

Sunday 28th;
1st- T. Morris, 78 fish, 42.64lbs
2nd- M. Morris, 50 fish, 30.26lbs
3rd- C. Zacharia, 50 fish, 27.46lbs
4th- B. Morris, 47 fish, 27.32lbs
5th- M. Pritchard, 37 fish, 23.90lbs
6th- G. Mummery, 37 fish, 22.66lbs
7th- P. Thornton, 32 fish, 15.72lbs
8th- K. Grove, 22 fish, 13.32lbs
9th- S. Mummery, 11 fish, 11.10lbs
10th- K. Morris, 14 fish, 8.08lbs
11th- P. Atley, 8 fish, 4.90lbs
12th- D. Perry, 6 fish, 2.72lbs

Monday 29th;
1st- M. Pritchard, 84 fish, 44.78lbs
2nd- T. Morris, 66 fish, 31.48lbs
3rd- M. Morris, 43 fish, 23.58lbs
4th- C. Zacharia, 44 fish, 21.18lbs
5th- G. Mummery, 43 fish, 20.74lbs
6th- B. Morris, 33 fish, 17.38lbs
7th- D. Perry, 31 fish, 14.64lbs
8th- K. Morris, 29 fish, 14.26lbs
9th- P. Atley, 23 fish, 13.20lbs

Class Winners;

Class 1: Aggregate;
1st- T. Morris, 74.12lbs
2nd- M. Pritchard, 68.68lbs
3rd- M. Morris, 53.84lbs

Class 2: Heaviest One Day Catch;
M. Pritchard, 44.78lbs

Class 3: Greatest Number (One Day);
T. Morris, 78 fish

Class 4: Heaviest Catch Round Fish (One Day);
M. Morris, 29.86lbs

Class 5: Greatest Number Round Fish (One Day);
C. Zacharia, 48 fish

Class 6: Heaviest Catch Flat Fish (One Day);
G. Mummery, 1.74lbs

Class 7: Heaviest Fish;
S. Mummery, 5.34lbs

Class 8: Greatest Variety (One Day);
B. Morris, 3 Varieties

Class 9: Heaviest Catch By A Lady;
Not Won

Class 10: Heaviest Catch By A Senior;
P. Thornton, 15.72lbs

Class 11: Heaviest Catch Flat Fish By A Junior On Sunday;
Not Won

Class 12: Heaviest Catch On Monday (Skivers Trophy);
D. Perry, 14.64lbs

S. Mummery with his codling of 5.34lbs

Report by B. Morris