Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Maureen Cup beach competition results

The Heron Angling Society held the Maureen Cup beach competition on Saturday 10th November.
 Anglers fished from 1730hrs right up the flood to 2130hrs all in darkness.

12 took part with all weighing in (bar one who didn't return for the weigh in) with good numbers of sizeable whiting showing among the seemingly endless reams of tiddlers and a few dogfish too.

 Notably K. Morris had a specimen Dogfish at 2.08lbs.

Full results as follows:
1st - M. Morris, 26 fish, 15.80lbs
2nd - D. Smith, 18 fish, 12.02lbs
3rd - K. Morris, 21 fish, 11.86lbs
4th - T. Morris, 24 fish, 9.78lbs
5th - B. Morris,18 fish, 7.42lbs
6th - P. Thornton, 14 fish, 6.02lbs
7th - K. Grove, 12 fish, 5.58lbs
8th - M. Radwan, 10 fish, 5.00lbs
9th - M. Turner, 12 fish, 4.76lbs
10th - P. Gower, 6 fish, 2.68lbs
11th - M. Bryant, 6 fish, 2.46lbs
J. Pressley didn't return to weigh in

K. Morris with his specimen dogfish of 2.08lbs

Report by B. Morris