Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

End of year report from Ben Morris

With 2012 behind us, I thought it was time to publish the final standings of the year so we can all strive to better ourselves for 2013! It's been a good year for the club with some beach competitions attracting more than 20 anglers, and boat events with 6 or 7 boats entered. These figures are a big improvement on recent years and long may this increase for the club continue. The fishing on the whole has been good in 2012 with some lovely smooth hounds caught from the boats as well as some good rays. The beach whiting were around this autumn, albeit not quite in their usual numbers but there were some decent flatties caught including two specimens!
2012 also saw the introduction of the Herons 1st annual roamer competition all thanks to Dave Mann's contribution and consequent suggestion to mark the Queens jubilee. Lets hope this event is as successful in 2013.
Finally, I would like to quickly thank Dave for all his hard work with the club this last 12 months as well as our President, Kevin Morris for his efforts throughout the year also. Furthermore I would like to thank Mike Turner for his upkeep of our website and to Wendy Dinley for her continued administrative support. Without this kind of help our fishing would truly suffer.

All that remains for me to say is happy new year to you all and tight lines! Ben.

Final standings as follows (Top 10's)

Beach Championship;
1st- M. Morris 86pts
2nd- D. Smith 71pts
3rd- T. Morris 66pts
4th- B. Morris 58pts
5th- K. Grove 50pts
6th- G. Mummery 49pts
7th- M. Turner 32pts
8th- K. Morris 31pts
9th- P. Thornton 30pts
10th- M. Bryant 27pts

Boat Championship;
1st- T. Morris 85pts
2nd- M. Morris 72pts
3rd- M. Pritchard 68pts
4th- B. Morris 63pts
4th- G. Mummery 63pts
6th- C. Zacharia 50pts
7th- K. Neame 41pts
8th- S. Mummery 26pts
9th- P. Thornton 23pts
10th- K. Morris 15pts
10th- P. Atley 15pts

Club Championship;
1st- M. Morris 161pts
2nd- T. Morris 151pts
3rd- B. Morris 121pts
4th- G. Mummery 112pts
5th- K. Morris 81pts
6th- M. Pritchard 74pts
7th- D. Smith 71pts
8th- K. Grove 62pts
9th- P. Thornton 53pts
10th- C. Zacharia 50pts

Presidents Heron (top 5)
1st- T. Morris 279 fish
2nd- M. Morris 216 fish
3rd- M. Pritchard 175 fish
4th- B. Morris 165 fish
5th- G. Mummery 142 fish