Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Monday, 29 April 2013

Lawler Pairs Boat Competition Results

At last! After the extended cold spell the fish appear to have returned to the Bay. The Heron Angling Society's Lawler Pairs competition held on Sunday 28th April saw mixed bags of skate to 10lbs, small smoothhounds, dogfish, whiting, dabs and bass caught in superb, flat calm conditions. The SW wind picked up somewhat in the last hour of competition but I don't think any one had cause to complain. 

The seniors' run of luck continues with K. Grove and P. Thornton taking top spot with Keith landing the heaviest fish of the day, a skate at 10.04lbs. M. Morris won the individual prize with an impressive 23 fish (although no skate!) from the Woolpack narrowly pipping J. Williamson who had 2 decent thornbacks from the Weir Bank.

D. Johnson and J. Waterman were particularly unlucky not to weigh in at all as they couldn't get their anchor to stop them from drifting considerably in their boats maiden voyage, fingers crossed they can sort it for the next one!

Full results (pairs and singles) as follows;

1st - K. Grove and P. Thornton, 13 fish, 30.72lbs
2nd - J. Williamson and P. Gower, 14 fish, 29.20lbs
3rd - M. Morris and C. Zacharia, 26 fish, 28.28lbs
4th - K. Morris and D. Perry, 9 fish, 27.12lbs
5th - T. Morris and B. Morris, 15 fish, 15.96lbs
6th - D. Johnson and J. Waterman, 0

Singles positions;
1st - M. Morris, 23 fish, 24.98lbs
2nd - J. Williamson, 8 fish, 22.46lbs
3rd - P. Thornton, 8 fish, 17.04lbs
4th - D. Perry, 3 fish, 16.42lbs
5th - K. Grove, 5 fish, 13. 68 lbs
6th - K. Morris, 6 fish, 10.70lbs
7th - T. Morris, 8 fish, 9.16lbs
8th - B. Morris, 7 fish, 6.80lbs
9th - P. Gower, 6 fish, 6.74lbs
10th - C. Zacharia, 3 fish, 3.30lbs
11th - J. Waterman, 0
11th - D. Johnson, 0

John Williamson with his brace of skate.
Report by B. Morris