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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

HAS Autumn Festival Results

Superb, flat calm conditions on all three days greeted the 14 anglers who took part in the Heron Angling Society's Autumn Boat festival.
Whiting was the obvious contender to make up the vast bulk of the catches and with 630.44lbs of fish being brought to the scales in total they were certainly about along with dabs, pouting and dogfish. 

The fishing was patchy however, with some usually prolific marks producing poorly at times.
There were no notably large individual fish caught but T. Morris accounted for a decent haul of 130 fish on the Monday for 69.84lbs. G.Mummery and M. Morris also had good consistent catches over the three days averaging 75 fish each.
Although i couldn't weigh it in, the highlight for me personally was a good sized edible crab topping the scales at 3.10lbs!

Full individual day results plus aggregate and class winners (by elimination) as follows;

Saturday 5th
1st- G. Mummery, 80 fish, 40.88lbs
2nd- M. Morris, 75 fish, 38.90lbs
3rd- S. Mummery, 58 fish, 30.38lbs
4th- K. Morris, 57 fish, 29.46lbs
5th- T. Morris, 28 fish, 19.48lbs
6th- P. Thornton, 16 fish, 14.36lbs
7th- B. Morris, 19 fish, 13.24lbs
8th- K. Grove, 12 fish, 10.92lbs
9th- J. Williamson, 7 fish, 7.80lbs
10th- P. Gower, 9 fish, 7.54lbs
11th- K. Wilton, 8 fish, 6.56lbs
12th- M. Radwan, 6 fish, 5.52lbs

Sunday 6th
1st- M. Morris, 96 fish, 52.64lbs
2nd- G. Mummery, 98 fish, 51.16lbs
3rd- T. Morris, 82 fish, 41.34lbs
4th- B. Morris, 56 fish, 28.00lbs
5th- P. Thornton, 35 fish, 19.60lbs
6th- K. Grove, 30 fish, 16.94lbs
7th- K. Wilton, 30 fish, 14.84lbs
8th- P. Gower, 21 fish, 9.54lbs
9th- D. Johnson, 16 fish, 8.08lbs
10th- A. Louch, 11 fish, 6.34lbs
11th- J. Williamson, 7 fish, 3.20lbs

Monday 7th
1st- T. Morris, 130 fish, 69.84lbs
2nd- B. Morris, 92 fish, 46.36lbs
3rd- M. Morris, 57 fish, 29.28lbs
4th- G. Mummery, 51 fish, 26.52lbs
5th- P. Gower, 8 fish, 8.58lbs
6th- K. Wilton, 2 fish, 2.70lbs

Class 1; Aggregate
1st- T. Morris, 130.66lbs
2nd- M. Morris, 120.82lbs
3rd- G. Mummery, 118.56lbs
4th- B. Morris, 87.60lbs
5th- P. Thornton, 33.96lbs
6th- S. Mummery, 30.28lbs
7th- K. Morris, 29.46lbs
8th- K. Grove, 27.86lbs
9th- P. Gower, 25.66lbs
10th- K. Wilton, 24.10lbs
11th- J. Williamson, 11.00lbs
12th- D. Johnson, 8.08lbs
13th- A. Louch, 6.34lbs
14th- M. Radwan, 5.52lbs

Class 2; Heaviest One Day Catch
T. Morris, 69.84lbs

Class 3; Greatest Number (One Day)
G. Mummery, 98 fish

Class 4; Heaviest Catch Round Fish (One Day)
M. Morris, 52.64lbs

Class 5; Greatest Number Round Fish (One Day)
B. Morris, 92 fish

Class 6; Heaviest Catch Flat Fish (One Day)
K. Morris, 1.16lbs

Class 7; Heaviest Fish
P. Thornton, 1.80lbs

Class 8; Greatest Variety (One Day)
K. Grove, 3 varieties

Class 9; Heaviest Catch by a Lady
Not won

Class 10; Heaviest Catch By a Senior (One Day)
J. Williamson, 7.80lbs

Class 11; Heaviest Catch by a Junior on Sunday
Not won

Class 12; Heaviest Catch On Monday
P. Gower, 8.58lbs

Ben Morris with his rather large crab.