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Sunday, 20 October 2013

HAS Vs GSAC Challenge Trophy

With twelve anglers against just six, the Heron had the advantage from the off against the Greenhill club for the annual challenge trophy. Although, with the winner to be decided from each clubs top 5 weights, it was not yet a foregone conclusion.

The competition started at 4pm on Sunday 13th October and was fished right up the flood tide to 8pm on Herne Bay beaches from Swalecliffe point to cold harbour. It started with strong SW winds and rain too but had calmed down to a fairly pleasant evening by the end.

Crabs and weed were present but thankfully not too excessive for anyone and 12 anglers weighed in catches.

 The best fish landed came to T. Morris with a nice bass of 2.30lbs from Studd Hill and his elder brother M. Morris also had a sizeable bass from middle bank at 1.58lbs.
Other catches included whiting, flounders and eels with M. Morris also landing the greatest number of fish.

After the final tally it was however, the Heron who triumphed with a top 5 combined weight of 13.32lbs to the Greenhill clubs' 6.00lb exactly. To really rub salt in the wound it was the three Heron Morris brothers who took the top three spots but due to elimination rules this opened the floor to D. Foreman with a whiting of 0.78lbs for the heaviest fish pool and S. Stephenson for the greatest number with 4.

Full individual results as follows;
1st- M. Morris, 8 fish, 5.34lbs
2nd- K. Morris, 6 fish, 3.30lbs
3rd- T. Morris, 2 fish, 2.94lbs
4th- S. Stephenson, 4 fish, 2.08lbs
5th- R. Joyce, 4 fish, 1.90lbs
6th- M. Bryant, 2 fish,1.06lbs
7th- D. Foreman, 2 fish, 1.02lbs
8th- T. Sadik, 2 fish, 1.00lbs
9th- P. Thornton, 1 fish, 0.68lbs
10th- B. Morris, 1 fish, 0.54lbs
11th- L. Perry-French, 1 fish, 0.38lbs
12th- P. Gower, 1 fish, 0.36lbs

B. Morris