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Monday, 18 November 2013

H A S Last Chance Cup Results

Eight anglers ventured out in four boats for what was sure to be a whiting slaying exercise on Sunday 17th November.

The Herons' Last Chance Cup is exactly what it suggests, the last boat comp of the year and the final chance to get some points on the board toward the championship or add to the fish tally toward the much coveted presidents heron. 

Weather conditions were superb, a light NE breeze turned to no wind at all by the end of play, no rain and largely just overcast.
The four boats headed out in different directions stretching from the Spaniard to the Pan-sand and from the Weir bank to close in near the Rand. 

It was the latter which proved most fruitful for T. Morris and B. Morris with the pair bringing in 191 fish to the scales between them.
Whiting, dogfish and dabs were the order of the day with all eight competitors weighing in double figure catches. 

Full results as follows;
1st- T. Morris, 101 fish, 56.04lbs
2nd- B. Morris, 90 fish, 49.90lbs
3rd- G. Mummery, 64 fish, 37.56lbs
4th- S. Mummery, 54 fish, 33.90lbs
5th- M. Morris, 54 fish, 28.54lbs
6th- P. Thornton, 41 fish, 24.44lbs
7th- K. Wilton, 39 fish, 22.66lbs
8th- P. Gower, 37 fish, 21.16lbs

The heaviest fish pool was won by P. Thornton with a dogfish of 1.52lbs