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Monday, 11 November 2013

HAS Autumn Beach Festival Results

Harsh rainfall from the off greeted the 14 anglers who took part in the Herons autumn beach festival on Saturday 9th November but this thankfully died off after the first hour or so and resulted in a pleasant evenings fishing.
G. Mummery set the tone with an early bass of 2.46lbs from outside the club house with plenty of whiting and a few dogfish being caught by others. Weed was reportedly a real problem for those fishing the Reculver end of the town but fish were evidently still present amongst it.
With M. Morris taking the lead on day one with 16 fish for 9.06lbs, closely followed by brothers S. Mummery and G. Mummery, there was still all to play for.
Sundays conditions were a stark contrast to the calm evening of Saturday and blustery NW winds prevailed throughout the competition. Catches slowed as a result but having only fished half of Saturdays competition, it was B. Morris who took the podiums' top spot for Sunday with 15 fish for 9.28lbs including a club specimen flounder of 1.10lbs.
Unfortunately for M. Morris, he couldn't mange to retain his lead after Sundays event and with S. Mummery bowing out on the second day due to family commitments it was T. Morris who capitalised and won the competition overall with a total weight of 15.74lbs.
Full daily results and class winners (by elimination) as follows;

Saturday 9th November;
1st - M. Morris, 16 fish, 9.06lbs
2nd - S. Mummery, 17 fish, 8.82lbs
3rd - G. Mummery, 13 fish, 8.44lbs
4th - T. Morris, 13 fish, 6.78lbs
5th - D. Smith, 5 fish, 3.20lbs
6th - B. Morris, 5 fish, 2.54lbs
7th - P. Thornton, 6 fish, 2.42lbs
8th - B. Perry-French, 4 fish, 1.58lbs (junior)
9th - L. Perry-French, 3 fish, 1.24lbs (junior)
10th - M. Bryant, 3 fish, 1.18lbs
11th - P. Gould, 2 fish, 1.12lbs
12th - K. Grove, 2 fish, 0.92lbs
13th - K. Wilton, 2 fish, 0.86lbs
14th - P. Gower, 2 fish, 0.72lbs

Sunday 10th November;
1st - B. Morris, 15 fish, 9.28lbs
2nd - T. Morris, 19 fish, 8.96lbs
3rd - G. Mummery, 9 fish, 4.86lbs
4th - M. Morris, 8 fish, 4.36lbs
4th - P. Thornton, 8 fish, 4.36lbs
6th - K. Wilton, 5 fish, 2.94lbs
7th - M. Bryant, 4 fish, 2.88lbs
8th - D. Johnson, 4 fish, 2.02lbs
9th - D. Smith, 4 fish, 1.96lbs
10th - A. Lounch, 4 fish, 1.90lbs
11th - L. Perry-French, 4 fish, 1.74lbs
12th - P. Gower, 3 fish, 1.62lbs
13th - K. Grove, 1 fish, 0.52lbs

Class Winners (by elimination);

Class 1: Aggregate (top 10)
1st - T. Morris, 15.74lbs
2nd - M. Morris, 13.42lbs
3rd - G. Mummery, 13.30lbs
4th - B. Morris, 11.82lbs
5th - S. Mummery, 8.82lbs
6th - P. Thornton, 6.78lbs
7th - D. Smith, 5.16lbs
8th - M. Bryant, 4.06lbs
9th - K. Wilton, 3.80lbs
10th - L. Perry-French, 2.98lbs (Junior)

Class 2: Heaviest Catch
B. Morris, 9.28lbs

Class 3: Heaviest fish
G. Mummery, 2.46lbs

Class 4: Greatest Number (One Day)
T. Morris, 19 fish

Class 5: Greatest Number Of Flat Fish (One Day)
L. Perry-French, 1 fish (Junior)

Class 6: Greatest Number On Sunday
M. Morris, 8 fish

Class 7: Heaviest Catch By A Lady (One Day)
Not Won

Class 8: Heaviest Catch By A Junior (One Day)
B. Perry-French 1.58lbs

Class 9: Heaviest Catch By A Senior (One Day)
P. Thornton, 4.36lbs

Bronze Specimen Medal Awarded
B. Morris, Flounder, 1.10lbs

G. Mummery with the heaviest Fish of 2.46lbs

B. Morris and his Specimen Flounder of 1.10lbs