Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

End of year report for 2013

Well, it's the end of another year and a very successful one too. The club is thriving in both social and fishing aspects with competition entries a further improvement on last year and its been great to see some new faces out in the boats too.

There has been success for the usual candidates but also some other names creeping into the fray too. Especially well done to Phil Thornton for winning the beach championship this year, you can put your flounder back into deep freeze ready for next season now Phil! 

It was also nice to see three different overall winners with P. Thornton for the beach, M. Morris for the boat and T. Morris for the club championships. It is often the case two or even all three of these go to a single angler.

A big congratulations also goes out to Lewis Perry-French who pipped his brother Bradley to the junior championship by 1 point. Bradley was not entirely out of the prizes though as in an unprecedented turn of events he was one of three joint winners in this years Charsley competition. It is understood this is the first time this has happened in the clubs history.

There were some lovely skate caught back in the spring and in reasonable numbers too. Mick Pritchard bagged the heaviest of the year at 12lbs 1,1/4oz while Chris Zacharia boated five nice fish on the first day of the spring boat festival.

The diamond jubilee competition was somewhat of a let down in the summer with only a handful of participants and even worse only two fish weighed in! Lets try and improve on that in 2014!
The autumn fishing was very successful however, although bigger fish eluded us all, the whiting numbers were high, notably Tony Morris weighing in 130 fish on the third day of the autumn boat festival. Several anglers commented on the consistently good weather we had over the course of that festival which really added to a great three days fishing. 

With three specimen medals going out, including a Gold for Phil's Flounder, and the majority of the silverware finding new homes for 2014, it has definitely been a good year.

As I did last year I have listed below a full run down of the points so you can see if you have improved on last year or if you think there's still work to be done in 2014!

All that therefore remains for me to say is a huge thank you to Dave Mann, Wendy Dinley, Lesley Wills, Kevin Morris and the rest of the committee. Without all their hard work none of this would happen or be possible. I would also like to thank Mike Turner for the upkeep of our terrific website and wish Phil Gower the best of luck with getting the junior section up and running in the new year, it would be great if, with everyone's support, we could get some more budding youth into the fishing scene at the Heron.

Tight lines! 


Beach Championship;

1st- P. Thornton 74pts
2nd- T. Morris 61pts
3rd- B. Morris 50pts
3rd- M. Morris 50pts
5th- K. Grove 45pts
6th- D. Smith 37pts
7th- G. Mummery 32pts
8th- K. Wilton 25pts
9th- A. Louch 20pts
10th- L. Perry-French 19pts
10th- D. Foreman 19pts
12th- B. Perry-French 18pts
12th- M. Bryant 18pts
14th- K. Morris 17pts
15th- P. Gower 12pts
16th- S. Mummery 11pts
17th- S. Stephenson 9 pts
18th- M. Finch 8pts
19th- D. Johnson 5pts
20th- P. Gould 4pts
7 other anglers finished the season on 1pt each

Boat Championship

1st- M. Morris 95pts

2nd- T. Morris 86pts
3rd- B. Morris 69pts
4th- P. Thornton 42pts
4th- G. Mummery 42pts
6th- P. Gower 36pts
7th- K. Grove 32pts
8th- J. Williamson 31pts
9th- K. Wilton 29pts
10th- C. Zacharia 23pts
11th- K. Neame 20pts
11th- M. Pritchard 20pts
13th- S. Mummery 19pts
14th- K. Morris 16pts
15th- D. Perry 9pts
16th- D. Johnson 6pts
17th- A. Louch 3pts
18th- J. Waterman 2pts
18th- M. Radwan 2pts

Club Championship (top 20)

1st- T. Morris 147pts
2nd- M. Morris 145pts
3rd- B. Morris 119pts
4th- P. Thornton 116pts
5th- K. Grove 77pts
6th- G. Mummery 74pts
7th- K. Wilton 54pts
8th- P. Gower 48pts
9th- D. Smith 37pts
10th- K. Morris 33pts
11th- J. Williamson 32pts
12th- S. Mummery 30pts
13th- A. Louch 23pts
13th- C. Zacharia 23pts
15th- K. Neame 20pts
15th- M. Pritchard 20pts
17th- L. Perry-French 19pts
17th- D. Foreman 19pts
19th- B. Perry-French 18pts
19th- M. Bryant 18pts

Presidents Heron (top 10)

1st- T. Morris 452 fish
2nd- M. Morris 408 fish
3rd- G. Mummery 326 fish
4th- B. Morris 322 fish
5th- P. Thornton 152 fish
6th- S. Mummery 129 fish
7th- P. Gower 116 fish
8th- K. Wilton 105 fish
9th- K. Morris 79 fish
10th K. Grove 69 fish

And from Mike, Just adding a quick note here to say thanks to Ben for all his efforts during the year's competitions keeping track of everyone's points.