Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Beach and Boat fixtures 2015


Jan 31st - Jubilee 1st Round 1800hrs-2200hrs
Mar 29th - Tamkin Cup 1700hrs-2100hrs
Apr 12th - Osman Trophy
1600hrs - 2000hrs ***
Apr 26th - Jackson Cup (Deal)* 1400hrs-1800hrs
May 3rd-D.Mann Diamond Jubilee* 0900hrs-1700hrs
Jun 7th - Over The Low 0900hrs-1300hrs
Sept 13th - HAS v GSAC* 1200hrs-1600hrs
Oct 4th - Jubilee 2nd round 1200hrs-1600hrs
Oct 24th - Maureen Cup 1800hrs-2200hrs
Nov 21st - Autumn Beach Festival 1600hrs-2000hrs
Nov 22nd - Autumn Beach Festival 1700hrs-2100hrs
Dec 6th - Accumulator 1700hrs-2100hrs
Dec 13th - Charsley Lunch* 1100hrs-1500hrs


8th Mar - Accumulator 1130hrs-1630hrs
19th April - Lawler Pairs 1100hrs-1600hrs
16th May - Spring Festival 0900hrs-1400hrs
17th May - Spring Festival 1000hrs-1500hrs
24th May - Spring Festival Reserve Date
31st May - Claire V Weniger 0930hrs-1430hrs
14th June - Iris Trophy 0900hrs-1400hrs
5th July - Open Limits Bass* 1300hrs-1800hrs
16th Aug - Junior Boat* 1230hrs-1630hrs
6th Sep - Old Rules* 1500hrs-1900hrs
26th Sep - Evans Trophy 0930hrs-1330hrs
10th Oct- Autumn Festival 0900hrs-1400hrs
11th Oct - Autumn Festival 0930hrs-1430hrs
12th Oct - Autumn Festival 1030hrs-1530hrs
15th Nov - Last Chance Cup 1130hrs-1630hrs
29th Nov - Autumn Festival Reserve date

*no championship points apply

Please note; the Osman Cup on April 12th 2015 is being fished from 1600hrs - 2000hrs and NOT 1800hrs - 2200hrs as previously stated. Sign in at the club is therefore 1445hrs.