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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Windfarm trenching vessel arriving 10th November

Looks like more silting up & possible dangerous sinking areas for bait diggers may be the norm for a while as the trenching will begin very shortly and continue for at least a week.
It may not do fishing any favours in the Hampton area either.

While the trenches will be stopped short of the beach by 500mtr the silt like last time will continue to the shore.
The trenches will be left open until next year when the cables will be laid from Hampton car park outwards to the farm.

Here is a quote from the press release:
From 22 October this year Vattenfall’s main offshore electrical contractors, Bohlen & Doyen, will start to use an underwater jetting tool to create the trenches in the sea bed. Then in May 2015, from the same machinery, the cables will be laid at their required depth with more ease when cabling installation activities commence. The work this October is being carried out well in advance of cable laying to ensure that any obstructions along the sea bed are dealt with to avoid delay to the project at a later stage.

Read the whole article here

There are several "notices to mariners" that may be of interest to members.




16 November: The pretrenching is now complete and the barge has returned to Great Yarmouth.