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Monday, 15 December 2014

Accumulator Beach Comp results

11 anglers set off on Sunday 14th Dec for the Accumulator, the last competition of the year. 

In this event, a percentage of monies received throughout the year from beach competitions is divided up to all who weigh in. Cash is then deducted from entrants based on how many competitions they missed throughout the season and handed down to the next placed entrant and so on. 

All managed to weigh in fish although catches were slower than in recent weeks and all reported large numbers of undersize fish. 

Whiting, as usual, made up the bulk of the bags with a few dabs showing also. M. Morris bagged himself 4 codling with D. Smith, B. Morris and K. Morris also landing one a piece. 

K. Morris's fish won the heavy fish pool at 2lbs 0.8oz. 

Despite all these however it was the numbers game that took top spot with P. Thornton managing 29 fish from the harbour arm. 

Full results as follows:
1st- P. Thornton, 29 fish, 11lbs 2.8oz
2nd- M. Morris, 18 fish, 9lbs 7.3oz
3rd- S. Stephenson, 26fish, 9lbs 4.4oz
4th- K. Morris, 15 fish, 6lbs 12.5oz
4th- D. Smith, 14 fish, 6lbs 12.5oz
6th- B. Morris, 10 fish, 4lbs 4.6oz
7th- T. Morris, 11 fish, 4lbs 0.4oz
8th- K. Wilton, 9 fish, 3lbs 5.0oz
9th- P. Gower, 6 fish, 2lbs 4.9oz
10th- B. Perry-French, 5 fish, 1lbs 7.9oz
11th- L. Perry-French, 4 fish, 1lbs 5.6oz

K Morris with the heaviest fish