Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Boat Accumulator results

Sunday 8th March saw 13 anglers take to the boats for the start of the Heron 2015 boat campaign.

Conditions were fair with no rain and just a light SW breeze to contend with.

Catches were slow to say the least but all persevered and 7 managed to weigh in a catch comprising skate, whiting, codling and dogfish.

The heaviest fish fell for B. Morris with a skate of 7lbs 11.7oz with C. Zacharia boating another of 5lbs 11.2oz. 

The codling appeared a better stamp of fish than those being landed before Xmas with S. Stephenson landing the heaviest at 2lbs 15oz and B. McDonald had a sizeable whiting of 1lbs 11.9oz which wasn't too far behind being a club specimen fish.

Full Results as Follows:

1st- B. Morris, 3 fish, 10lbs 5.3oz
2nd- C. Zacharia, 5 fish, 9lbs 14.5oz
3rd- S. Stephenson, 2 fish, 5lbs 5.8oz
4th- B. McDonald, 2 fish, 2lbs 4.1oz
5th- L. Simpson, 1 fish, 2lbs 2.9oz
6th- T. Morris, 1 fish, 7.8oz
7th- B. Perry- French, 1 fish, 6.1oz

B. Morris with a skate of 7lbs 11.7oz

B. McDonald had a whiting of 1lbs 11.9oz