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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Autumn Boat Festival results

Although not at its most pleasant, the weather was kind enough over the weekend and Monday for the entire of the Heron's Autumn Boat Festival to take place. 
 All in all, twelve anglers took part and braved the prevailing Easterly winds and brought a total of 7 different species to the scales. Bags were mainly made up of whiting and dogfish but also caught were skate, dabs, gurnard, a codling and a smooth hound. 
Saturday's fishing revealed the Rays were in close with M. Morris and C. Zacharia bagging seven sizeable fish and releasing six more. Their weights included next to no other species however and those who headed out further to the Weir bank made up similar weights with dogs and whiting. 
 Having taken the lead by less than 1lb, it was unfortunate for M. Morris that severe toothache prevented him fishing the next two days, and the others were left with a decision to make, in close for rays or out for numbers. 
The latter proved more fruitful with B. Morris and G. Mummery taking 1st and 2nd on day two, both improving on their Saturday's catch. 
 T. Morris was not far behind in 3rd either and landed one of three tub gurnards over the weekend. 
Sunday's fishing also saw K. Wilton find a ray and the only codling of the event. It only weighed in at 2lbs which was surprising as it looked bigger but was encouraging to see nonetheless as it was caught so close in at the pier head. 
 Monday's results were better again and it was B. Morris who took advantage of the numbers, bagging mostly dogfish and whiting, Ben managed 30lbs 14.4oz, won his second day in a row and the festival aggregate which also carries a £50 top prize. 
Second place on the day went to K. Wilton who returned for two more rays but also found some dogfish and whiting too. 
 Overall aggregate runners up were G. Mummery in 2nd and T. Morris in 3rd who will also receive £30 and £20 respectively. 

Full individual day results and class winners (by elimination) as follows;

Saturday 10th;
1st- M. Morris, 6 fish, 24lbs 5.6oz
2nd- B. Morris, 39 fish, 23lbs 12.8oz
3rd- G. Mummery, 47 fish, 23lbs 0.3oz
4th- T. Morris, 34 fish, 20lbs 7.8oz
5th- C. Zacharia, 3 fish, 16lbs 9.6oz
6th- K. Wilton, 25 fish, 13lbs 4.8oz
7th- L. Perry-French, 19 fish, 11lbs 11.8oz
8th- P. Gower, 22 fish, 9lbs 7.2oz
9th- B. Perry-French, 15 fish, 6lbs 10.4oz

Sunday 11th;
1st- B. Morris, 47 fish, 26lbs 4.3oz
2nd- G. Mummery, 42 fish, 23lbs 12oz
3rd- T. Morris, 47 fish, 22lbs 2.2oz
4th- K. Wilton, 18 fish, 20lbs 5.8oz
5th- B. Perry-French, 17 fish, 14lbs 8.4oz
6th- C. Zacharia, 21 fish, 13lbs 3.2oz
7th- P. Gower, 15 fish 11lbs 10.6oz
8th- S. Mummery, 19 fish, 10lbs 8.8oz
9th- L. Perry-French, 17 fish, 8lbs 13.8oz

Monday 12th;
1st- B. Morris, 54 fish, 30lbs 14.4oz
2nd- K. Wilton, 16 fish, 28lbs 8oz
3rd- T. Morris, 65 fish, 27lbs 1.6oz
4th- D. Perry, 32 fish, 26lbs 12.4oz
5th- G. Mummery, 34 fish, 23lbs 13.4oz
6th- P. Gower, 22 fish, 22lbs 1.6oz
7th- K. Morris, 40 fish, 20lbs 10.8oz
8th- C. Zacharia, 26 fish, 11lbs 15.6oz

Class 1: Aggregate
1st- B. Morris, 80lbs 15.5oz
2nd- G. Mummery, 70lbs 9.7oz
3rd- T. Morris, 69lbs 11.6oz
4th- K. Wilton, 62lbs 2.6oz
5th- P. Gower, 43lbs 2.4oz
6th- C. Zacharia, 41lbs 12.4oz
7th- D. Perry, 26lbs 12.4oz
8th- M. Morris, 24lbs 5.6oz
9th- B. Perry-French, 21lbs 2.8oz
10th- K. Morris, 20lbs 10.8oz
11th- L. Perry-French, 20lbs 9.6oz
12th- S. Mummery, 10lbs 8.8oz

Class 2: Heaviest 1 day catch
B. Morris, 30lbs 14.4oz

Class 3: Greatest number (1 day)
T. Morris, 65 fish

Class 4: Heaviest catch round fish (1 day)
K. Wilton, 28lbs 8oz

Class 5: Greatest number of round fish (1 day)
G. Mummery, 47 fish

Class 6: Heaviest catch flat fish (1 day)
K. Morris, 1lbs 5.4oz

Class 7: Heaviest fish
M. Morris, 7lbs 4.2oz

Class 8:  Greatest variety
D. Perry, 4 varieties

Class 9: Heaviest 1 day catch by a lady
Not won

Class 10: Heaviest 1 day catch by a Senior
C. Zacharia, 16lbs 9.6oz

Class 11: Heaviest 1 day catch by a junior
B. Perry-French, 14lbs 8.4oz

Class 12: Heaviest catch on Monday
P. Gower, 22lbs 1.6oz
K. Wilton with his ray and codling from Sunday

T. Morris with one of three tub gurnards caught over the weekend