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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2015 End of year report

Well another year has passed us by and what a fantastic year it's been for fishing. Notably the increased catches of rays from the shore as well as good numbers in the boats, some nice bass have been caught as well as smooth hounds and increased numbers of fish in general.
For me personally, it's been the best years fishing I've ever had with numerous PB's including a 9lbs 6oz ray from the shore during the Charsley and a 9lbs shore hound whilst pleasure fishing in the summer. 
My highlight however has to be winning my first championship which included the Claire V. Weniger trophy where I landed a 4lbs 14.3oz bass along with 4 skate to 8lbs 5.3oz and bested my dads weight by 30lbs, not a common occurrence!
Meanwhile, junior member Bradley Perry-French landed a massive shore skate of 13lbs 1oz in the Maureen Cup, winning the trophy and a bronze specimen medal whilst his brother, Lewis, caught a cracking Tub Gurnard of 1lbs 9.2oz in the Evans trophy and will receive a gold specimen medal. 
The Old Rules competition in September was a huge success this year too with G. Mummery boating five rays from just 600yds off the clubhouse amongst D. Perry nabbing a hound and a codling and T. Morris with 31 fish in the event. 
There were plenty of other cracking moments throughout the year with these being just a few of my favourites. As I have done in previous years, I've listed the various championship results below so you can see if you've improved (or not!).
Let's hope 2016 is anywhere near as productive!

Tight lines, Ben

Beach Championship;

1st- T. Morris 82pts
2nd- B. Morris 74pts
3rd- M. Morris 70pts
4th- S. Stephenson 64pts
5th- D. Smith 49pts
5th- B. Perry-French 49pts
7th- K. Morris 43pts
8th- G. Mummery 36pts
9th- L. Perry-French 30pts
10th- P. Harnett 12pts
10th- T. Sadik 12pts
12th- P. Thornton 11pts
13th- J. Marshall 9pts
13th- P. Davis 9pts
13th- C. Spratt 9pts
16th- P. Gower 8pts
16th- R. Gower 8pts
18th- K. Grove 7pts
18th- K. Wilton 7pts
20th- D. Murray 2pts
21st- A. Louch 1pt
21st- K. Rose 1pt

Boat Championship;

1st- B. Morris 102pts
2nd- T. Morris 89pts 
3rd- K. Wilton 74pts
4th- G. Mummery 69pts
5th- P. Gower 53pts
6th- B. Perry-French 48pts
7th- M. Morris 46pts
8th- C. Zacharia 45pts
9th- L. Perry-French 44pts
10th- P. Thornton 24pts
11th- L. Simpson 16pts
12th- S. Stephenson 14pts
12th- J. Simpson 14pts
14th- D. Perry 12pts
15th- B. McDonald 9pts
16th- K. Morris 8pts
17th- R. Lowe 3pts
18th- D. Johnson 1pt
18th- H. Green 1pt

Club Championship (top10);

1st- B. Morris 176pts
2nd- T. Morris 171pts
3rd- M. Morris 116pts
4th- G. Mummery 105pts
5th- B. Perry-French 97pts
6th- K. Wilton 81pts
7th- S. Stephenson 78pts
8th- L. Perry-French 74pts
9th- P. Gower 61pts
10th- K. Morris 51pts

Presidents Heron (top 10);

1st- T. Morris 392 fish
2nd- B. Morris 325 fish
3rd- G. Mummery 230 fish
4th- L. Perry-French 107 fish
5th- M. Morris 104 fish
6th- B. Perry-French 102 fish
7th- K. Morris 95 fish
7th- K. Wilton 95 fish
9th- P. Gower 94 fish
10th- C. Zacharia 87 fish