Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Notice to all Anglers of the Greenhill SAC and the Heron Angling Society

A Meeting has been arranged for Wed the 20th January 7.30 for 8pm for the Beach
Anglers of both The Greenhill Sea Angling Club and The Heron Angling Society

Meeting to take place at the Red Shelter, West Beach, Herne Bay.

Start at 8pm prompt.

It will be an informal Meeting for the Anglers of both Clubs to discuss how we can get
some interaction between us.

Because we are affiliated it would be nice for the two Clubs to work closer together.
We would like to hear Anglers views on how we can achieve this while enjoying a beer, or
in my case, a shandy.

You as a Member pay your subscriptions and therefore should have a say in what happens.
If because of work schedules you can not attend, then you are welcome to write your ideas
down along with your name and get it to us to be included in the discussion.

Anglers from both of our Clubs appear very keen Anglers and so I would think this type of Meeting could be very fruitful.

Lets give it a try