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Monday, 10 October 2016

HAS vs GSAC vs WADAS results

Saturday 8th October was the second year running the H.A.S took on the Greenhill and Whitstable clubs in a friendly Vs. competition however due to fixture congestion last year not a single Heron turned up for the event! 
This year however, the H.A.S more than made up for it with 9 members fishing the shore event against 7 G.S.A.C members and 4 from the W.A.D.A.S. 
During daylight hours the fishing was tough with only a couple of reported catches coming through. S. Stephenson found a nice fat flounder of 15.4oz from the harbour arm whilst B. Morris nabbed a healthy bass of 2lbs 5.4oz fishing just past the Kings hall. 
As darkness fell the whiting showed up with most anglers bagging 1 or 2 sizeable fish whilst M. Morris found a better bass of 2lbs 10.6oz from Middle Bank. 
With the top four weights from each club contributing towards the trophy, it was the Heron who finally came out on top with a combined weight of 8lbs 4oz whilst the Greenhill club were second with 4lbs 1oz and Whitstable in 3rd bringing 2lbs 7.2oz to the scales. 
Individually, M. Morris was the star of the event, not only winning 1st place but also taking the the heavy fish and the greatest number prizes. Meanwhile, B. Morris was second and P. Dimente third. 

Full results as follows
1st- Heron, 8lbs 4oz
2nd- Greenhill, 4lbs 1oz
3rd- Whitstable, 2lbs 7.2oz

Individual results;
1st- M. Morris (H), 4 fish, 3lbs 12.2oz
2nd- B. Morris (H) , 1 fish, 2lbs 5.4oz
3rd- P. Dimente (W), 4 fish, 1lbs 10.2oz
4th- R. Philips (G), 4 fish, 1lbs 8.2oz
5th- S. Stephenson (G), 2 fish, 1lbs 6.2oz
6th- T. Morris (H), 3 fish, 1lbs 5.6oz
7th- M. Terry (G), 2 fish, 12.6oz
8th- K. Morris (H), 2 fish, 12.4oz
9th- B. Perry-French (H), 1 fish, 9.2oz
10th- K. Wilton (H), 1 fish, 7.8oz
11th- R. Page (W), 1 fish, 6.8oz
12th- L. Perry-French (H), 1 fish, 6.4oz
13th- P. Page (W), 1 fish, 6.2oz
14th- D. Sales (G), 1 fish, 6oz

M Morris with his bass of 2lbs 10oz
B Morris and his bass of 2lbs 5oz