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Monday, 31 October 2016

Last Chance Boat Comp Results

As the days grow shorter and the weather deteriorates, the time comes for the Heron's final boat competition of the year; the Last Chance. 
13 Anglers set out from the club on Sunday 30th October and following the decent catches in the autumn festival, expectations were high. 
Unfortunately it wasn't to be and in fact at times, it was remarkably quiet. 
Despite the glass like seas and amicable weather, the skate and indeed any other larger species just didn't want to play ball. 
In the end, it was those who headed further off shore that got amongst the numbers, D. Neiles returned with 44 whiting and took top spot whilst newcomer, H. Heffer was second with 36 fish of her own. 
The only skate to show were from the closer marks but the heaviest of these was only 6lbs 5.8oz which fell to B. Morris and won the heavy fish pool. Other fish caught included dogfish and quite a few nice sized dabs. 

Full results as follows;

1st- D. Neiles, 44 fish, 20lbs 5.3oz
2nd- H Heffer, 36 fish, 17lbs 13.4oz
3rd- D. Perry, 32 fish, 16lbs 3.8oz
3rd- M. Morris, 12 fish, 16lbs 3.8oz
5th- B. Morris, 20 fish, 14lbs 14.4oz
6th- T. Morris, 22 fish, 14lbs 13.2oz
7th- K. Morris, 33 fish, 14lbs 10.6oz
8th- I. Morris, 19 fish, 14lbs 3.8oz
9th- A. Wood, 28 fish, 13lbs 9.8oz
10th- K. Wilton, 21 fish, 9lbs 13.2oz
11th- C. Zacharia, 14 fish, 6lbs 5.2oz
12th- P. Gower, 10 fish, 4lbs 14.8oz
13th- S. Mannering, 4 fish, 2lbs 14oz
Dave Neiles winning catch

Ben Morris and his 6lbs 5oz ray