Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Maureen Cup beach competition results

An unusually low tide meant the start of the Heron's Maureen Cup beach competition was delayed for most of the twelve anglers that took part. Thankfully though, the Southerly wind made the water calm and the rain did little more than drizzle throughout. 
As it was, whiting numbers were enough that despite waiting for the tide, all weighed in a catch. The only other species brought to the scales in fact, was a single dogfish for T. Morris, fishing Lane End, a dab for D. Morris from the arm and the Perry-French twins a dab each with Lewis also landing a flounder. 
However, with 33 fish from the arm, D. Morris won his first beach trophy, besting T. Morris' weight by nearly 3lbs. 

Full results as follows;

1st- D. Morris, 33 fish, 13lbs 10.8oz
2nd- T. Morris, 24 fish, 10lbs 14.4oz
3rd- B. Morris, 26 fish, 10lbs 2.4oz
4th- M. Morris, 23 fish, 9lbs 0.2oz
5th- S. Stephenson, 19 fish, 7lbs 10.6oz
6th- L. Perry-French, 13fish, 5lbs 2.2oz
7th- P. Gower, 11 fish, 4lbs 11.8oz
8th- D. Neiles, 12 fish, 4lbs 4.4oz
9th- A. Wood, 10 fish, 4lbs 0.2oz
10th- B. Perry-French, 10 fish, 3lbs 13oz
11th- K. Morris, 9 fish, 3lbs 9.6oz
12th- K. Wilton, 5fish, 2lbs 0.4oz 
Bradley and Lewis Perry-French.