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Monday, 5 December 2016

Charsley beach competition results

After last year's 'whiting-fest', it was decided that only sizeable fish would be permitted in this year's Charsley competition on Sunday 4th December. Since the event traditionally is renowned for very low catches, undersized fish have been permitted in the past provided they were weighed and released when caught but last year, vast numbers of whiting were still abundant so the rules were changed for the 29 anglers taking part in this year's event.  
As it transpired, the numbers weren't as high as expected but most caught at least an undersized fish and 13 weighed in. Just whiting accounted for the catches and with 7 fish, T. Morris took top spot with 3lbs 2.2oz. Tony also won the xmas cake raffle after the weigh in!! 
Meanwhile, T. Blencowe came in 13th, which means he is 2017's "custodian of the gnome", a longstanding club tradition whereby last place is presented with a tacky plastic gnome which lives in the clubhouse! 
All the anglers were treated to meat pie, potatoes and veg in the clubhouse after the event followed by fruit pies and custard thanks to W. Dinley and others who make the event as successful as it is. 

Full results as follows;
1st- T. Morris, 7 fish, 3lbs 2.2oz
2nd- M. Morris, 8 fish, 2lbs 15.2oz
3rd- S. Stephenson, 3 fish, 1lbs 5.6oz
4th- B. Morris, 3 fish, 1lbs 2.2oz
5th- D. Morris, 2 fish, 15.4oz
6th- L. Perry-French, 2 fish, 12.5oz
7th- I. Morris, 2 fish, 11oz
8th- D. Neiles, 1 fish, 7.2oz
9th- S. Munnings, 1 fish, 6.8oz
10th- A. Wood, 1 fish, 6.4oz
11th- A. Louch, 1 fish, 6oz
12th- B. Perry-French, 5.6oz
13th- T. Blencowe, 1 fish, 5.4oz


T Blencowe with the gnome

Winner T Morris