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Monday, 6 March 2017

The Tamkin Cup Beach comp results

The Tamkin Cup is the second beach competition of the year for the H.A.S and this year saw 12 anglers take to the shore on Sunday 5th March. 
The weather was predicted to have strong winds and heavy rain which thankfully never really transpired. There was a moderate SW throughout but not troublesome and the rain never really came at all. 
In the end, just 5 of the competitiors weighed in catches which comprised of dabs, a rockling and skate. Newcomer junior angler, Poppy Morris (I know, I know, another Morris!!) had her first fish with a dab and T. Morris managed his first shore caught ray from middle bank for second spot. 
It was D. Morris however who stole the show, Dave was also fishing middle bank and returned with two rays, the biggest pulling the scales down to a clonking 10lbs 13.4oz. Along with a second fish just over the 6lbs mark, Dave easily took top spot. 
Full results as follows;
1st- D. Morris, 2 fish, 17lbs 2.2oz
2nd- T. Morris, 1 fish, 3lbs 13.6oz
3rd- S. Stephenson, 2 fish, 8.6oz
4th- A. Wood, 1 fish, 3.6oz
5th- P. Morris, 1 fish, 2oz

 D Morris with his decent brace of rays

T Morris and his skate