Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Accumulator Boat Results

The Herons' first boat competition of the year took part on Sunday 9th April in what can only be described as perfect conditions. 
14 took part in 7 boats and spread out from Bishopstone to the pier head and out to the Weir bank. All weighed in with dogs, whiting and skate accounting for most of the bags and a couple of early, small smoothhound making an appearance also. D. Neiles had the biggest of these at 4lbs 4.2oz. 
The heaviest fish of the day fell for event winner T. Morris, who had a lovely thornback ray of 13lbs 13oz, missing out on a specimen medal by just 3oz. Meanwhile, I. Morris also had a double figure fish, boating a personal best ray of 10lbs 4.8oz. 
Full results as follows;
1st- T. Morris, 33 fish, 44lbs 11oz
2nd- M. Morris, 12 fish, 39lbs 11.4oz
3rd- D. Neiles, 23 fish, 33lbs 1.7oz
4th- L. Perry-French, 10 fish, 30lbs 1.8oz
5th- K. Morris, 6 fish, 27lbs 0.2oz
6th- D. Perry, 6 fish, 25lbs 14.2oz
7th- I. Morris, 14 fish, 24lbs 15.6oz
8th- B. Perry-French, 14 fish, 23lbs 14.4oz
9th- A. Wood, 16 fish, 22lbs 1oz
10th- B. Morris, 24 fish, 19lbs 1.6oz
11th- D. Morris, 3 fish, 14lbs 15.2oz
12th- R. Cimino, 4 fish, 7lbs 6.6oz
13th- H. Heffer, 6 fish, 4lbs 2.2oz
14th- C. Zacharia, 6 fish, 3lbs 2.8oz
Ian Morris 10lbs 4oz ray
Bradley and Lewis Perry-French

Tony Morris 13lbs 13oz Ray.