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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lawler Pairs Boat comp results

The Heron Angling Society are being blessed with perfect boating weather so far this year and the Lawler Pairs was no exception on Sunday 23rd April. 
Ten anglers set out in five boats and all headed to various parts of the Weir bank. The final trophy goes to the combined weight of two anglers, hence the title. 
There were decent catches of good sized thornback rays weighed in with I. Morris landing the biggest for the heavy fish pool.  His 10lbs 3.6oz fish, narrowly beating T. Morris' offering of 10lbs 3.2oz by just 0.4oz! 
Meanwhile, M. Morris bought ten rays to the scales whilst P. Gower had eight, encouragingly, all of the anglers landed at least one. 
There were also a lot of smoothhounds caught with T. Morris bagging the largest of these at around 7lbs and B. Morris with several just short of 6lbs. 
In the end M. Morris' haul of rays coupled with I. Morris' bag was good enough for top spot besting 2nd place by nearly 10lbs.

 Full results as follows; 
1st- M. Morris & I. Morris, 157lbs 11.2oz
2nd- T. Morris & B. Morris, 148lbs 13.7oz
3rd- A. Wood & D. Neiles, 103lbs 6oz
4th- P. Gower & K. Wilton, 80lbs 3.2oz
5th- B. Perry-French & L. Perry-French, 53lbs 4.4oz
Individual results as follows;
1st- M. Morris, 20 fish, 95lbs 1.6oz
2nd- T. Morris, 35 fish, 86lbs 12.1oz
3rd- I. Morris, 16 fish, 62lbs 9.6oz
4th- B. Morris, 27 fish, 62lbs 1.6oz
5th- P. Gower, 10 fish, 58lbs 11.6oz
6th- A. Wood, 26 fish, 51lbs 14.4oz
7th- D. Neiles, 29 fish, 51lbs 7.6oz
8th- B. Perry-French, 21 fish, 31lbs 5.6oz
9th- L. Perry-French, 9 fish, 21lbs 14.8oz
10th- K. Wilton, 8 fish, 21lbs 7.6oz

Andy Wood with a nice brace of fish

Ben and Tony Morris on the Hounds

winners Mick and Ian Morris