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Monday, 15 May 2017

HAS spring boat festival results

The HAS spring boat festival can often throw up a few surprises and this year's event was no exception.
Fished over Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May, a good turn out saw 15 competitors take to their boats in steady SW winds. The weather was kinder on Sunday with lighter winds and brighter sunshine but the fishing was generally better overall on Saturday.
Saturday saw decent catches of smoothhounds and skate caught with whiting and dogs ever present. The biggest fish of the day fell to M. Morris with a ray of 11lbs 11.4oz whilst B. Morris and T. Morris both had hounds just shy of 9lbs each. Tony Morris also had to return a nice Bass of 2lbs+ under current Bass laws. The three anglers led the way after day one.
Sunday was much quieter for most in terms of catch rate with the flood tide especially slow. Nonetheless, there were still some very notable catches made.
D. Morris kept it in the family returning from Swalecliffe with 8 rays up to 9lbs and won the days event whilst his partner R. Cimino bagged a double hound at 10lbs 11.6oz. This was bested however by S. Mannering who landed a lovely 12lbs 5.4oz smut.
The talking point however, came when junior member B. Perry-French brought his offering to the scales. His thornback ray pulled them down to a stonking 15lbs 0.4oz and wins him a specimen medal.
The days results made little difference to the final standings in the end but it was great to see some really good fish.
Full results as follows;
Saturday 13th,
1st- T. Morris, 29 fish, 69lbs 1.1oz
2nd- M. Morris, 17 fish, 50lbs 10.8oz
3rd- B. Morris, 18 fish, 44lbs 15.8oz
4th- P. Gower, 6 fish, 25lbs 15.2oz
5th- D. Neiles, 11 fish, 22lbs 11.4oz
6th- D. Morris, 21lbs 9oz
7th- B. Perry-French, 14 fish, 18lbs 9.6oz
8th- L. Perry-French, 4 fish, 18lbs 4.6oz
9th- I. Morris, 6 fish, 18lbs 2oz
10th- K. Morris, 5 fish, 14lbs 15oz
11th- A. Wood, 13 fish, 14lbs 10.8oz
12th- K. Wilton, 3 fish, 7lbs 12.1oz
13th- H. Heffer, 6 fish, 7lbs 1.8oz
14th- S. Mannering, disqualified (late)
15th- C. Zacharia, disqualified (late)

Sunday 14th,
1st- D. Morris, 13 fish, 52lbs 4 oz
2nd- B. Perry-French, 22 fish, 41lbs 13oz
3rd- M. Morris, 16 fish, 38lbs 2.7oz
4th- T. Morris, 12 fish, 33lbs 11oz
5th- L. Perry-French, 12 fish, 32lbs 7oz
6th- B. Morris, 9 fish, 28lbs 0oz
7th- R. Cimino, 8 fish, 27lbs 3.6oz
8th- S. Mannering, 7 fish, 25lbs 9.2oz
9th- D. Neiles, 15 fish, 24lbs 3.8oz
10th- C. Zacharia, 8 fish, 15lbs 11.4oz
11th- I. Morris, 5 fish, 14lbs 0oz
12th- A. Wood, 6 fish, 5lbs 15.2oz

Class Winners (by elimination rules)
Class 1: Aggregate
1st (£50)- T. Morris, 102lbs 12.1oz
2nd (£30)- M. Morris, 88lbs 13.5oz
3rd (£20)- D. Morris, 73lbs 13oz
4th- B. Morris, 72lbs 15.4oz
5th- B. Perry-French, 59lbs 6.6oz
6th- L. Perry-French, 51lbs 1.6oz
7th- D. Neiles, 46lbs 15.2oz
8th- A. Wood, 38lbs 14.6oz
9th- I. Morris, 32lbs 2oz
10th- R. Cimino, 27lbs 3.6oz
11th- P. Gower, 25lbs 15.2oz
12th- S. Mannering, 24lbs 9.2oz
13th- C. Zacharia, 15lbs 11.4oz
14th- K. Morris, 14lbs 15oz
15th- K. Wilton, 7lbs 12.1oz
16th- H. Heffer, 7lbs 1.8oz

Class 2: Greatest No. (1 day)
T. Morris, 29 fish

Class 3: Heaviest Fish
B. Perry-French, 15lbs 0.4oz

Class 4: Heaviest Catch Skate (1 day)
D. Morris, 46lbs 11.4oz

Class 5: Heaviest Catch Flatfish (1 day)
Not Won

Class 6: Heaviest Catch Round fish (1 day)
B. Morris, 40lbs 11oz

Class 7: Aggregate Weight by a Junior
L. Perry-French, 51lbs 1.6oz

Class 8: Heaviest Catch by a Senior (1 day)
M. Morris, 50lbs 10.8oz

Class 9: Greatest No. Varieties (1 day)
R. Cimino, 4 Varieties.

(4th revision 1pm 15 May)

Bradley and his specimen ray
Ronnie Cimino and his double figure hound

Steve Mannering with his 12lbs 5oz hound

 Tony Morris had to return this Bass of 2lbs plus