Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Monday, 25 September 2017

Evans trophy results

Conditions were perfect for the ten Herons who took to the boats on Saturday 23rd September for the much coveted Evans trophy. 
All opted for the Weir bank area and weighed  in catches of whiting, dogfish and dabs whilst skate and bass remained absent from the event. 
Full results as follows; 

1st- T. Morris, 43 fish, 21lbs 6oz
2nd- B. Morris, 31 fish, 14lbs 13.6oz
3rd- D. Neiles, 22 fish, 14lbs 2.6oz
4th- L. Perry-French, 24 fish, 13lbs 5oz
5th- M. Morris, 22 fish, 11lbs 3.4oz 
6th- B. Perry-French, 21 fish, 11lbs 2.4oz
7th- A. Wood, 16 fish, 9lbs 13.8oz
8th- K. Morris, 18 fish, 9lbs 4.8oz
9th- D. Morris, 12 fish, 6lbs 8.4oz
10th- I. Morris, 13 fish, 6lbs 1.4oz