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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

HAS vs GSAC shore challenge match results

The curse of clear waters and bright skies prevailed for this year's HAS vs GSAC shore challenge match on Sunday 10th September meaning catches were slow. 
The greenhill contingency consisted of nine members whilst the Heron had just eight and despite gloomy periods with a few intermittent showers conditions dictated just three anglers bringing a catch to the scales. 
The Heron's T. Morris got the best of the bunch from West beach with an eel and a nicely conditioned bass of 2lbs 0.05oz for the win. In second, Greenhill's Ryan Wall captured a lone mackerel of 12.32oz from the Kings Hall and third place Bradley Perry-French had a more unusual catch of a 5.25oz Ballan wrasse fishing at Hampton for the Heron. 

Full results as follows;
1st- T. Morris, 2 fish, 2lbs 8oz
2nd- R. Wall, 1 fish, 12.32oz
3rd- B. Perry-French, 1 fish, 5.25oz

Heron wins trophy with 2lbs 13.25oz to Greenhill's 12.32oz.  
Comp winner T Morris and his bass

Bradley with his Ballan Wrasse