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Monday, 9 October 2017

Jubilee cup 2nd round results

Following the 1st leg of the two part Jubilee cup back in January, 13 Heron's headed out from the club house on Sunday 8th October. 
The weather had really settled from the previous few days strong NW winds, there was barely a breath of wind through the whole day and the bright sun was ever present. 
Despite high hopes, the fishing was poor with just 5 weighing in catches of whiting, eels and a dab. A couple of undersized bass were reported but none sizeable. 
In the end, only I. Morris weighed in more than one fish. 
Fishing from Beltinge, Ian had 4 whiting and a dab easily taking top spot. 
Unfortunately for him though, it wasn't enough to overturn junior angler, B. Perry-French's aggregate weight who did well on the dabs in January and had the heaviest fish of the second round with an eel of 15.4oz. 

Full results as follows;

2nd round;
1st- I. Morris, 5 fish, 1lbs 12.2oz
2nd- B. Perry-French, 1 fish, 15.4oz
3rd- S. Stephenson, 1 fish, 11.6oz
4th- A. Wood, 1 fish, 8.8oz
5th- D. Neiles, 1 fish, 5.8oz

Overall (top 3);
1st- B. Perry-French, 5lbs 2.4oz
2nd- I. Morris, 4lbs 13.8oz
3rd- S. Stephenson, 2lbs 9oz