Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Monday, 27 November 2017

Maureen Cup results

Biting, cold NW winds greeted the 11 anglers fishing the Heron’s Maureen Cup on Sunday 26th November. Thankfully though, it dropped significantly as the contest went on and the evening was fairly pleasant by the end. 
With numerous other competitions taking place, Herne Bay’s beaches were busy and the Heron members spread out. Unsurprisingly, whiting were the order of the day with Studd Hill proving the most productive. Fishing the beach there, junior angler P. Morris landed a nice 10.2oz flounder along with her offering of 16 fish whilst Dad, I. Morris took top spot with 30 fish from the same mark. 
The harbour arm did well for twins Lewis and Bradley Perry-French with Lewis landing the heavy fish prize with 11.6oz whilst the West beaches in between proved decidedly poor. 
Full results as follows;
1st- I. Morris, 30 fish, 12lbs 2oz
2nd- T. Morris, 25 fish, 11lbs 4.2oz
3rd- L. Perry-French, 17 fish, 7lbs 6oz
4th- P. Morris, 16 fish, 6lbs 10.8oz
5th- D. Neiles, 16 fish, 6lbs 1.4oz
6th- B. Perry-French, 14 fish, 5lbs 12.8oz
7th- K. Morris, 13 fish, 5lbs 0.2oz
8th- M. Bowman, 9 fish, 3lbs 11.2oz
9th- D. Morris, 8 fish, 3lbs 7.2oz
10th- B. Morris, 7 fish, 2lbs 13.8oz
11th- A. Wood, 7 fish, 2lbs 8.2oz

Poppy Morris with her flounder