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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Last Chance Trophy results

Sunday 19th November saw 10 Herons set out from the club house for the last boat competition of the year, “The Last Chance Trophy”.
As anticipated, large numbers of whiting were the return along with a smattering of dogfish and dabs. 
True to form for the year, T. Morris emerged the winner fishing a mark off of the rand. In the staunch and very cold NW winds, the next 3 spots were also claimed by members of the Morris family with Tony’s son, B. Morris coming in 2nd and nephew D. Morris 3rd. 
Full results as follows;
1st- T. Morris, 103 fish, 48lbs 14oz
2nd- B. Morris, 73 fish, 33lbs 14.8oz
3rd- D. Morris, 65 fish, 30lbs 10oz
4th- I. Morris, 59 fish, 27lbs 12.6oz
5th- A. Wood, 24 fish, 14lbs 6.4oz
6th- D. Neiles, 20 fish, 13lbs 1oz
7th- L. Perry-French, 25 fish, 11lbs 12.6oz
8th- B. Perry-French, 21 fish, 9lbs 6.6oz
9th- P. Gower, 7 fish, 3lbs 3.2oz

Winner T Morris and his haul