Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Monday, 11 December 2017

The Accumulator results

The Heron’s final championship competition, The Accumulator, took place on Sunday 10th December and for the eight entrants who took park it was a very cold event. 
The staunch NW wind did die down a little by the end but conditions were testing throughout and the results reflected it. 
Just whiting were weighed in with the heaviest fish falling for D. Morris at 13.2oz from reculver. 
Studd Hill produced the better results with winner D. Neiles landing 16 fish from the area. 
Full results as follows;
1st- D. Neiles, 16 fish, 6lbs 8.2oz
2nd- S. Stephenson, 9 fish, 4lbs 6.2oz
3rd- A. Wood, 8 fish, 3lbs 3.8oz
4th- D. Morris, 6 fish, 2lbs 13.8oz
5th- T. Morris, 5 fish, 1lbs 11.2oz
6th- B. Morris, 2 fish, 10.4oz
7th- I. Morris, 1 fish, 6.2oz
8th- P. Morris, 1 fish, 4.8oz