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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Heron Spring Boat Festival results.

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May saw the return of the Heron Spring Boat Festival. The weather couldn’t have been better with very little wind and warm sunshine on both days. 
Unfortunately this weather brings the crowds to Herne Bay’s shores and made launching very difficult, if not impossible for some, since the ‘trailer’ park at the harbour was full of cars (and no authority on site to deter them) meaning there was no space for the trailers to be left.  It was the only sour note on an otherwise cracking weekend. 
To the fishing, bags were varied with 7 species being weighed in. Amongst the rays, whiting, dogfish, pouting and smoothhounds, P. Gower also managed a lone dab and T. Morris had a very impressive catch of a specimen Black Bream of 1lbs 3.6oz. 
At the end of play Saturday, A. Wood was leading the heavy fish class with a lovely ray of 13lbs 0.4oz whilst B. Morris landed a nice smoothhound which was just shy of double figures at 9lbs 15.6oz. Overall, T. Morris led the day however with 26 fish for 55lbs 13oz. 
Sunday came and the catches were just as impressive. Whilst D. Morris took top spot with 6 rays amongst a few smaller species for 59lbs 6.4oz, the talking point came from M. Zacharia and her hound which pulled the scales down to an impressive 13lbs 9oz. Lewis Perry-French had another good sized one of 9lbs 6.2oz whilst I. Morris brought 5 rays to the scales. 
Overall honours however ended up yet again in T. Morris’ hands who remained consistent throughout. 

Full results as follows;
1st- T. Morris, 26 fish, 55lbs 13oz
2nd- L. Perry-French, 18 fish, 55lbs 0.6oz
3rd- I. Morris, 12 fish, 49lbs 4oz
4th- A. Wood, 16 fish, 45lbs 3oz
5th- P. Gower, 19 fish, 43lbs 15.6oz
6th- B. Perry-French, 24 fish, 43lbs 9oz
7th- B. Morris, 12 fish, 40lbs 15.4oz
8th- K. Wilton, 13 fish, 36lbs 12oz
9th- D. Neiles, 14 fish, 29lbs 7.6oz
10th- K. Morris, 32 fish, 19lbs 12.8oz
11th- D. Morris, 13 fish, 9lbs 10.6oz

1st- D. Morris, 15 fish, 59lbs 6.4oz
2nd- I. Morris, 8 fish, 36lbs 15.6oz
3rd- T. Morris, 38 fish, 35lbs 7.7oz
4th- B. Perry-French, 26 fish, 32lbs 13.4oz
5th- L. Perry-French, 15 fish 32lbs 12oz
6th- B. Morris, 18 fish, 29lbs 9.6oz
7th- M. Zacharia, 6 fish, 25lbs 13.6oz
8th- D. Perry, 9 fish, 14lbs 13.8oz
9th- K. Morris, 24 fish, 13lbs 11.6oz
10th- A. Wood, 10 fish, 11lbs 9.4oz
11th- P. Gower, 7 fish, 10lbs 4.6oz
12th- M. Bowman, 15 fish, 10lbs 3.6oz
13th- D. Neiles, 6 fish, 5lbs 10.6oz
14th- M. Roach, 6 fish, 4lbs 12.2oz
15th- C. Zacharia, 4 fish, 3lbs 9.8oz
16th- R. Gower, 6 fish, 2lbs 12.2oz

Class Winners (by elimination rules)
Class 1: Aggregate 
1st- T. Morris, 91lbs 4.7oz (£50)
2nd- L. Perry-French, 87lbs 12.6oz (£30)
3rd- I. Morris, 86lbs 3.6oz (£20)
4th- B. Perry-French, 76lbs 6.4oz
5th- B. Morris, 70lbs 9oz
6th- D. Morris, 69lbs 1oz
7th- A. Wood, 56lbs 12.4oz
8th- P. Gower, 54lbs 4oz
9th- K. Wilton, 36lbs 12oz
10th- D. Neiles, 35lbs 2.2oz
11th- K. Morris, 33lbs 8.4oz
12th- D. Perry, 14lbs 13.8oz
Class 2: Greatest No. (1 day)
T. Morris, 38 fish
Class 3: Heaviest Fish
M. Zacharia, 13lbs 9oz
Class 4: Heaviest 1-day catch skate
D. Morris, 49lbs 10.8oz
Class 5: Heaviest 1-day catch flatfish
P. Gower, 5.2oz
Class 6: Heaviest 1-day catch round fish
B. Morris, 21lbs 9.4oz
Class 7: Aggregate weight by a junior
L. Perry-French, 87lbs 12.6oz
Class 8: Heaviest 1-day Catch by a Senior
D. Neiles, 29lbs 7.6oz
Class 9: Greatest No. Varieties (1-day)
B. Perry-French, 5 varieties. 

A Wood 13lbs Ray

B Morris 9lbs 15oz Hound

L PerryFrench 9lbs 6oz Hound

M Zacharia 13lbs 9oz Hound

T Morris Specimen Black Bream.