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Friday, 15 June 2018

Claire V. Weniger boat comp results

An early start greeted the ten Herons’ heading out of Herne Bay for the Claire V. Weniger boat competition on Sunday 10th June. 
The winds were a steady NE and whilst irritating, by no means uncomfortable, with sunny spells throughout. 
All five boats headed to the weir bank area but were spread out covering quite a distance. Rays, smooth-hounds and dogfish were the order of the day, with nothing huge being landed A. Wood had the heaviest fish with a ray of 8lbs 5.8oz. Andy also landed 13 other fish and for the second event in a row took top spot. His partner, D. Neiles coming second. 

Full results as follows;
1st- A. Wood, 14 fish, 42lbs 8.7oz
2nd- D. Neiles, 15 fish, 41lbs 0.4oz
3rd- B. Morris, 14 fish, 35lbs 12.4oz
4th- K. Wilton, 5 fish, 24lbs 8.6oz
5th- T. Morris, 10 fish, 21lbs 11.2oz
6th- K. Morris, 12 fish, 18lbs 2.3oz
7th- P. Gower, 3 fish 13lbs 14oz
8th- L. Perry-French, 2 fish, 9lbs 1.2oz
9th- D. Perry, 6 fish, 6lbs 14oz
10th- B. Perry-French, 2 fish, 6lbs 5.8oz

Winner A Wood