Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Monday, 25 March 2019

Accumulator boat competition results

Conditions couldn’t have been better for the 13 Heron’s setting out for the clubs 1st boat competition of the year, The Accumulator, on Sunday 24th March. 
Skate were the obvious target with catches also made up of whiting and dogfish. Dave Morris landed the heaviest fish of the day, a stonking Thornback of 13lbs 13.4oz whilst Chris Brett, a newcomer to the club also landed a nice double of 11lbs 4.2oz.
 The numbers of rays seemed to be closer in to shore with Tony Morris and Ben Morris boating 11 between them although only 6 were sizeable, whilst boats further out had greater numbers of dogfish.  
Both Lewis Perry-French and his brother Bradley did well with 2 rays each but the eventual winner was Matt Brett with a good overall weight of 33lbs 0.2oz. 

Full results as follows:

1st- M. Brett, 10 fish, 33lbs 0.2oz
2nd- B. Perry-French, 23 fish, 29lbs
3rd- C. Brett, 11 fish, 27lbs 7oz
4th- L. Perry-French, 17 fish, 27lbs 1.2oz
5th- D. Morris, 9 fish, 21lbs 9.8oz
6th- T. Morris, 5 fish, 19lbs
7th- B. Morris, 6 fish, 18lbs 11.4oz
8th- I. Morris, 8 fish, 15lbs 15.8oz
9th- K. Wilton, 16 fish, 15lbs 13oz
10th- D. Neiles, 12 fish, 12lbs 6oz
11th- A. Wood, 13 fish, 10lbs 0.6oz
12th- M. Roach, 6 fish, 6lbs 10oz
13th- P. Gower, 8 fish, 4lbs 12oz
C Brett 11lbs 4oz Ray

D Morris 13lbs 13oz Ray