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Monday, 15 April 2019

Jackson Cup beach competition results

For the 6th year now, the Heron’s Jackson Cup has been held in Deal and this year we had a good turn out as 14 anglers headed east on Sunday 14th April. 
Limits were from the slipway at sandwich to Walmer castle and the entrants spread themselves out. A biting easterly wind prevailed throughout and things were fairly slow on the whole but nonetheless 12 managed to eek out a catch of some description. Bags were mainly made up of dogfish with a couple of whiting showing. Kevin Morris landed the heaviest fish from Chequers with a ray of 5lbs 6oz but Simon Stephenson took top honours. Along with a ray of 3lbs 15oz, Simon had 6 fish for 10lbs 3.8oz from Walmer for the win. 

Full Results as Follows;
1st- S. Stephenson, 6 fish, 10lbs 3.8oz
2nd- D. Neiles, 6 fish, 7lbs 4.4oz
3rd- P. Gower, 6 fish, 6lbs 14.4oz
4th- K. Morris, 2 fish, 5lbs 14oz
5th- B. Morris, 3 fish, 4lbs 1.6oz
6th- B. Perry-French, 3 fish, 4lbs 1.2oz
7th- A. Wood, 3 fish, 4lbs 1oz
8th- M. Bowman, 4 fish, 3lbs 13.6 oz
9th- P. Cox, 3 fish, 3lbs 13oz
10th- L. Perry-French, 2 fish, 2lbs 6oz
11th- M. Roach, 2 fish, 2lbs 5.4oz
12th- T. Sadik, 1 fish, 1lbs 11oz

K Morris Heaviest Fish

Winner S Stephenson