Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Boat & Beach Competitions Fixture list 2018

Heron comps 2018

Accumulator: Sunday 18th March, 1030-1530 (HW 1314)
Lawler Pairs: Sunday 15th April, 1000-1500 (HW 1308)
Spring festival 1: Saturday 5th May, 1400-1900 (HW 1637)
Spring festival 2: Sunday 6th May, 1430- 1930 (HW 1713
Spring festival reserve: Sunday 27th May, TBC if Req (HW 1204)
Iris: Sunday 3rd June, 1330-1830 (HW 1616)
Claire V. Weniger: Sunday 10th June, 0730-1230 (HW 1016)
Open Limits Bass: Sunday 15th July, 1230-1730 (HW 1509)
Junior Boat: Sunday 26th August, 1200-1600 revised date
Old Rules: Sunday 2nd September, 1330-1730 (HW 1734)
Evans: Saturday 29nd September, 1330-1730 revised date
Autumn Festival 1: Saturday 6th October, 0830-1330 (HW 1058)
Autumn Festival 2: Sunday 7th October, 0900-1400 (HW 1157)
Autumn Festival 3: Monday 8th October, 1000-1500 (HW 1245)
Autumn Festival Reserve: Sunday 28th October, TBC if req (HW 1436)
Last Chance: Sunday 25th November, 1100-1600 (HW 1338)


Jubilee 1st rnd: Sunday 21st January, 1300-1700 (HW 1509)
Tamkin: Sunday 25th March, 1700-2100 (HW 1918)
Jackson (Deal): Sunday 8th April, 1600-2000 (HW 1800)
Osman: Sunday 22nd April, 1600-2000 (HW 1803)
Dave Mann Jubilee: Sunday 20th May, 1300-2100 (HW 1705)
Over the Low: Sunday 8th July, 1300-1700 (HW 2048)
The Heron vs. Greenhill Sunday 9th September, 11am- 4pm.
Jubilee 2nd rnd: Sunday 14th October, 1400-1800 (HW 1636)
Autumn Festival 1: Saturday 3rd November, 1700-2100 (HW 2058)
Autumn Festival 2: Sunday 4th November, 1800-2200 (HW 2206)
Maureen: Sunday 18th November, 1700-2100 (HW 2051)
Accumulator: Sunday 2nd December, 1700-2100 (HW 2033)
Charsley: Sunday 9th December, 1130-1530 (HW 1333)

All comps sign in at club house 1hr 15mins prior to start time except:
Dave Mann Jubilee, 15mins before
Old Rules, 15mins before
Jackson, Outside Deal 1919 club
Charsley, Sign in sheet in club
Due to the beach bbq, the Junior Boat Competition date has now changed
 to Sunday 26th August, 1200-1600.

Due to a power boat event in Herne Bay, the Evans trophy has now changed
 to Saturday 29th September, 1330-1730.