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Piscatorial activities

Piscatorial Activities - 18th April 2019

Nothing new on the agenda, so more of a re-cap of what is coming up.

Firstly we have the clubs AGM on 26th April, be good to see as many anglers down the club as possible. 

This is a bit of a tenuous link to being piscatorial, but we have the clubs May festival over the Spring Bank holiday weekend (2nd bank holiday in May) and on the Monday of that weekend, we have Dead Horse Morris down the club, who are more of a Morris dancing team, but do like to sing a sea shanty or too, whilst having some of the selection of ales that we'll have down the club. It's always a good laugh, and there's always good beer (and gin, should like me, that be your thing!)

Then on the 1st of June we have our second Fisherman's Social, where we can all get together and discuss all things to do with angling. I've got some topics lined up, but if anyone has anything specific in mind, bring your points along and we can all have a healthy discussion about them. 

Tight lines everyone

See you at the AGM



Piscatorial Activities - March 27th Update.

This weekend we have the clubs Presentation evening. All the cups have been superbly polished. Its a 1930 for a 2000 start. Hope to see you all down there to see where all the trophies are heading. Always amazes me how many cups we have, and how much history we are lucky enough to fish for. 

Please don't forget we have the clubs AGM on Friday the 26th April at 2000. Subs due must be paid before the AGM they are - Family - £25, Adult - £15, Senior - £10, Junior - £5. Any proposals for discussion at this meeting must be received by the hon. secretary by Friday 12th April.  

We have in the dairy the next bi-monthly Fisherman's Social. Well, I say 'bi-monthly' because we've had to put down for the 1st June. With the Spring boat festival, a Greenhill Club fishing competition, a private party and then the clubs May bank holiday beer festival, we couldn't get it in for May, so its the 'almost' bi-monthly fisherman's social. 

I've not got an update on Mark Hurcombe's next visit, but we will be having him back down, and with all the comp's coming up, I'll have plenty of opportunity to let you all know when.

That's about it for this report, I hope to see as many of you as possible for all the fishing competitions, presentation evening, AGM (all come out the wood work then ha ha!) and fisherman's social


Tight lines


18th March 2019

Hello fellow fishing fans, how are we all?
As some of you know I send out a regular email to everyone that I have an email address for. I also update facebook as much as possible. But to ensure ever area of the club is covered I’m going to start updating the website with the ‘Piscatorial Activity’ section. Ben always does a grand job of writing up competition reports, so there’s no point in my covering the same thing  So….

Piscatorial activities.
On Tuesday the 12th of March we welcomed back down to the club Mark Hurcombe. It was another brilliant evening. Mark showed us all various baiting techniques and a variety of rigs. He also re-showed everyone how to tie the Bimini Twist. I’m sure we can all tie that knot now, giving those that went a huge advantage over anyone that didn’t! 
This was quickly followed by our first bi-monthly fisherman’s social night. Again, another really good night, with lots of very healthy debate. Main topics of conversation where how to encourage more people to fish, and all things catch and release. This resulted in 2 outcomes:
1.      In order to fish competitions later, rather than fishing beach competitions on a Sunday, we should fish them on a Saturday. People that have work on a Monday morning could be put off fishing late on a Sunday (I for one ,would have liked a bit more recovery time after Sunday nights comp!) This point will be raised at the AGM on the 26th April.
2.      The Heron will not be fishing under catch and release rules. We will continue as we do now. The Greenhill club are looking at starting to use catch and release. Especially at hard standing venues such as Samphire Hoe and Deal pier. We talked at length about catch and release, and all Heron members agreed that having a plan should it be come a legal requirement would be sensible (Plan being use what ever method the Greenhill club use haha!)

As enjoyable as both of this evenings where for those that made it down the club, it would be nice if we could have a few more attendees. Rather than reading about it in this update, come down and see for yourselves. Mark Hurcombe’s nights have been very informative and interesting, and the first Fishermans social was a real good laugh, plenty of healthy banter!

We will be planning a return visit from Mark, where we are hoping to get out on the beach and he'll be showing us casting techniques and how they set-up on the international circuit. We'll also be confirming the next date for the Fisherman's social. As always I will update confirmed dates as soon as I know.

Right I think that's everything covered,

Don't forget boat Accumulator this weekend. Check in down the club 1045.

Tight lines everyone