Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Boat & Beach Competitions Fixture list 2019

Sunday 27th January: Jubilee 1st round 1500hrs - 1900hrs (HW 1721)
Sunday 17th March: Tamkin Cup 1800hrs - 2200hrs (HW 2131)
Sunday 14th April: Jackson Cup (Deal) 1600hrs -2000hrs (HW 1933)
Sunday 28th April: Osman 1700hrs -2100hrs (HW 2029)
Sunday 19th May: Dave Mann Diamond Jubilee (Roamer)* 0900hrs - 1700hrs (HW 1345)
Sunday 7th July: Over The Low 0900hrs -1300hrs (LW 1046)
Saturday 28th September: HAS vs. GSAC Challenge* 1100hrs - 1600hrs (HW 1259)
Sunday 6th October: Jubilee 2nd Round 1600hrs - 2000hrs (HW 1902)
Sunday 13th October: Mike Tiley Cup (vs GSAC & WADAS)* 1130hrs - 1530hrs (HW 1315)
Saturday 16th November: Beach Festival (day 1) 1330hrs - 1730hrs (HW 1436)
Sunday 17th November: Beach Festival (day 2) 1430hrs - 1830hrs (HW 1517)
Saturday 23rd November: Maureen 1830hrs -2230hrs (HW 2151)
Saturday 7th December: Accumulator 1830hrs - 2230hrs (HW 2110)
Sunday 15th December: Charsley Lunch* 1130hrs - 1530hrs (HW 1426)

Sunday 24th March: Accumulator 1200hrs - 1700hrs (HW 1454)
Sunday 7th April: Lawler Pairs 1200hrs - 1700hrs (HW 1451)
Saturday 4th May: Spring Festival (day 1) 1030hrs - 1530hrs (HW 1315)
Sunday 5th May: Spring Festival (day 2) 1100hrs - 1600hrs (HW 1350)
Sunday 26th May: Reserve Festival date 1530hrs - 2030hrs (HW 1826)
Sunday 2nd June: Iris 1000hrs - 1500hrs (HW 1243)
Sunday 16th June: Claire V Weniger 1000hrs - 1500hrs (HW 1245)
Sunday 21st July: Open Limits Bass* 1330hrs - 1830hrs (HW 1612)
Sunday 4th August: Junior Boat* 1300hrs - 1700hrs (HW 1555)
Sunday 15th September: Old Rules* 1030hrs - 1430hrs (HW 1417)
Saturday 19th October: Evans 1330hrs - 1730hrs (HW 1630)
Saturday 26th October: Autumn Festival (day 1) 0900hrs - 1400hrs (HW 1146)
Sunday 27th October: Autumn Festival (day 2) 0900hrs - 1400hrs (HW 1134)
Monday 28th October: Autumn Festival (day 3) 0930hrs - 1430hrs (HW 1217)
Sunday 10th November: Last Chance 0830hrs - 1330hrs (HW 1105)

*No Championship Points Apply
All sign in times are 1hr 15mins before start time at clubhouse except:-
Jackson, sign in outside Deal 1919 club
Dave Mann Roamer, 15mins before start time
Charsley pre-book
Old Rules 30mins before start time