Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Heron Angling Society Club and Competition rules

Heron Angling Society
Club Rules

  1. The Club shall be called The Heron Angling Society, and be open to all persons interested in fishing.

  2. Subscriptions are payable on 1st January, and any member who has not paid his subscriptions by 31st March in any year shall cease to be a member.

  3. The business of the Society shall be conducted by the Officers and Committee, who shall be elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and a General Committee consisting of not less than seven Ordinary Members, and not exceeding fifteen in number, five (including three General Committee men) to form a quorum. Members of the committee already in office will be eligible for re-election without nomination. Nominations for new Committeemen must be received in writing by the Secretary or Headquarters by the first day of February. Any Committeemen not wishing to seek re-election should notify the Secretary at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

  1. Should a Committeeman absent himself from three consecutive Committee Meetings without reasonable excuse, he shall be liable to cease to serve thereon, and the Committee shall have power to fill the vacancy.

  1. In the event of any Officer or Committeeman of this Society holding office in any other angling society in Herne Bay, he shall be required to cease to serve as Officer or Committeeman of this society.

  1. Propositions for amendments to rules must be submitted in writing to the Committee, and signed by the proposers, by the First day of February, or six weeks before a special meeting each year.
  2. Candidates for membership shall complete a proposal form giving his name and address and the names of his proposer and seconder who must both be members. The completed proposal form shall be displayed in the Club House for a period of not less that 48 hours after which time he may be elected by the votes of at least two-thirds of the Members present at a Committee meeting. The subscriptions shall be paid at time of proposal in made and in no case shall this be refunded unless the proposed person be declined.

  1. In the event of any Member doing any act contrary to the rules and welfare of this society, it shall be referred to the Committee to be dealt with by them; or if anything arises which is not provided for by these rules, the Committee shall have full power to act in the matter, and their decision shall be final.

  1. Meetings shall be held from time to time, due notice of which shall be given by the Secretary.

  1. All monies shall be handed without delay to the Treasurer to be banked by them.

  1. The Treasurer shall prepare the Annual Balance Sheet showing the financial position of the Society, the same to be audited by Auditors appointed by the Society.

  1. The Society in General Meeting may from time to time elect as a Life Member any member who may have served the Society in any noteworthy manner. The conferring of a Life Membership on any member as a reward of merit shall not deprive such member from occupying any office in the Society.

  1. Neither the Society nor its officials will be, or can be made responsible under any circumstances whatsoever for any accident which may occur to members whilst using Club boats, or any other Club property, or whilst assisting other member who are doing so, or whilst in any way participating in Club activities. Nor will they be responsible for any loss or damage to equipment or clothing, or the like of members on any of the before mentioned occasions.

  1. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time either at the request of the Committee or of 30 Members giving notice in writing to the Secretary of their desire for such a meeting and it shall be called within 21 days of the receipt of such notice by the Secretary.
  2. All adult Members shall have the right to vote at any General Meeting and any resolution shall be deemed to be carried by a simple majority of those present and voting.

  1. Every member shall have the privilege of introducing friends to the Club as guests, but no Member shall be entitled to introduce any more than two guests on any occasion. The introducing member shall be responsible for his or her guests observing the Club rules and must not leave the Club premises before his guest.

  1. The General Committee shall fix the permitted hours for sale of alcohol in the Club House and notice of the hours so fixed shall be displayed in the Club House.

  1. The purchase for and supply by the Club of alcohol shall be managed by the General Committee. All bar profits shall be devoted to the benefit of the Club.

Reviewed and revised April 2012.
To be revised as and when needed.

Heron Angling Society
Competition Rules

  1. The Committee will arrange for all the various competitions and for the Beach and Boat Festivals of the Society.
  2. All Competitions are for Members only.

  1. All Competitions start and finish at the Clubhouse. Competitors will be allowed to leave the Clubhouse one hour before the official start and return within one hours after the official end of the Competition. Entry fees must be paid to the officiating Committee member prior to leaving the Clubhouse.

  1. Each competitor may use one or two rods, with a total of three hooks between them (a treble hook counts as one hook). Hands lines are not allowed. Slip traces are permitted.

  1. All fish weighed in must be in excess of the Society's minimum size limits, which are on display in the Clubhouse. Any undersized fish will be disallowed. Crabs and lobsters are not eligible for any competitions.

  1. No competitor can make their catch eligible in any other clubs competition.

  1. All Competitors will fish within the Societies fishing limits, which are on display in the Clubhouse.

  1. In the event of a protest arising in connection with any competition, the same protest must be made by two competitors and the officials notified before the finish of the weigh-in.

  1. No Competitor may fish a boat competition alone without special permission of Committee members present. No non members will be allowed in competition boats.

  1. In the event of rough weather or an adverse forecast: the decision of the Committee Members present, 15 minutes before of launch time of the boat competition, and having taken all matters into consideration will be final.

  1. Should any two or more competitors hook the same fish in any competition, the fish is automatically disqualified. Any fish landed on reclaimed tackle (that is tackle which has been disconnected from the man line) either lost by the competitor or another angler, is disqualified. Similarly, a fish that has broken a person or persons tackle, and which is subsequently caught by a competitor with broken tackle attached, shall only be allowed when fish is directly hooked.

  1. Not withstanding anything contained in the Society's Competition Rules any dispute will be decided by the Committee and that decision is final.

Reviewed and revised April 2012
To be reviewed as and when needed